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Mackie MCU Pro - not connecting to cakewalk

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Apologies if this has been covered, and thanks in advance if anyone can suggest a thread that covers this, i had a look but couldn't specifically find this. 

Bought a 2nd hand Mackie MCU Pro  recently, and am trying to get it set up to work with cakewalk. 

I have the operating mode set to 'Mackie Ctrl' , usb connection to the desktop. (I also have the midi i/o connected via Steinberg ur rt)

I have created the Mackie Control - 1 line in Preferences/Control Surfaces, this shows i/o ports for the soundcard, which confused me a little as the Mackie manual says the usb connection only is needed.

Going to Utilities/Mackie Control - 1, I can see the settings screen, but on clicking the 'Configure Layout' button, nothing happens - I had expected much delight at this point but the Mackie is just staring blankly back at me with it's now mournful initiation screen telling me the Firmware is v3.0.0...

Thanks in advance


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