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1.      Download & install VB-Cable Driver (free) from VB-Audio Software … https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/


2.      Open WINDOWS Sound Settings and select SOUND CONTROL PANEL.

In the Playback Tab: Set Speakers = Default, and make sure CABLE Input is enabled & ready

In the Recording Tab: Set Stereo Mix = Default, and make sure CABLE Output is enabled & ready

Click OK to close the SOUND CONTROL PANEL


3.      Run YouTube and play the song/video.


4.      Run CAKEWALK, start a blank project, add a track.


5.      Open WINDOWS Sound Settings and select APP VOLUME & DEVICE PREFERENCES.

Set Browser/YouTube and CAKEWALK input/output as follows:

(Note the CABLE settings)


NOTE: After recording session ends, change output settings in Browser/YouTube back to SPEAKERS.


6.      In CAKEWALK, open the PREFERENCES window and set as follows:


In AUDIO DEVICES: INPUT DRIVERS = Cable Output 1/2 & 3/4,                        OUTPUT DRIVERS = Speakers (in my system = 3 Audiobox USB 96)

Click APPLY and OK to close PREFERENCES.


7.      In CAKEWALK

In the newly added track, set track input = Stereo Cable Output 1/2, click arm for record.

In the top toolbar, click RECORD.





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