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UM 1820 MME or ASIO?

mike C


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As a general rule, MME is by far the worst performer out of all of the audio driver models. It's only really there for backwards compatibility with interfaces that have no other option.

The drivers to use (in order of preference / performance ) are:

WASPI Exclusive
WASPI Shared

ASIO is generally the best choice, unless your interface hasn't got a native ASIO driver from the manufacturers.  ASIO4ALL for example is not a real ASIO driver - it's just a wrapper around the WDM driver. So in most cases, WASAPI will be a better choice than ASIO4ALL.

[Edit] - There are some exceptions:

Realtek onboard devices have a really buggy ASIO driver, so WASAPI is best here.
Some really high end audio interfaces have bad WDM/WASAPI support, so you really need to use their ASIO driver.

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