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Problem with MTC output during Fast Forward or Rewind


I raised this in the Cakewalk Forum but it is really a question so ...

I am using Cakewalk as a master to control my analogue tape machine which is connected as a slave to Cakewalk using MTC/SMPTE timecode.

The tape machine correctly follows the project time in Cakewalk during normal PLAY mode (using what is called the chase mode) but there is a problem ...

When I use the Cakewalk Fast Forward or Fast Rewind transport buttons, there is no MTC output from Cakewalk during operation of those transport buttons.

This seems to mirror a problem with the main time display in Cakewalk ...

If I am in PLAY mode (so the time display is counting up at normal play speed), then I press e.g. the 'fast' REWIND transport button, then the time cursor moves to the left (reflecting the REWIND command) but the time display keeps counting forwards at normal play speed and doesn't update until I release the REWIND button.

So during REWIND (or FAST FORWARD) operation, the time display is incorrect and does not reflect the time cursor position (which is correct).

This is messing up my sync control of the analogue tape machine so I need to find a solution.

Explanations and solutions most welcome.



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