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Roland A300pro - how to configure ACT on CBB

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Hi everyone,

I'm an amateur player and self-producer of my own songs and a very well satisfied user of CBB :)

I bought few weeks ago this Roland midi keyboard/controller (formerly of the Cakewalk family); It's a very nice product but I wonder how to configure its ACT properties since this device is not (strangely) present in the  dropdown menu  of the ACT configuration.

Should I configure each button manually? An advice about how to do it would be very appreciated anyway :)

EDIT: in the Roland support webpage, I found those 2 possibilities that maybe can help:

- A-PRO Series Control Surface Plug-in for SONAR


I proceeded with the download and I got a zip file containing  a program (to be executed for install) in order  to configure the A300pro with Sonar... should it still work with CBB?

- A-PRO Series Preset Control Map v1.10


the zip file seems to contain mappings for Cubase, GarageBand, Live, Logic Pro, SD-50, Gm2 but not for CBB


thanks in advance for your help... ciao


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20 minutes ago, michheld said:

Maybe this helps:

You may even like to use "AZ Controller", made by User AZSLOW(.com)

Have fun with your Cakewalk-made-to-measure-controller 😉

Hi michheld thanks for your reply :)


Just some question about your message:

- I opened the link you sent,: it's about  an old support page related to "A-PRO Setup For Sonar (8 and 8.5)"

Anyway the explained procedure talks about to choose the A300pro controller in the dropdown menu of Sonar (in the section of the ACT controllers)... but in CBB the A300pro is not present in the list of the devices in the dropdown menu :(

So what should I do?


- about the AZ controller, I serached on the web... I got this link  http://www.azslow.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=79

it's the latest stable version of the AZ controller (note: on Virus Total, 1 engine on 69 detected a virus, well maybe it's a false positive since the other 68 didn't catch anything) ...  but it's still related to Sonar.... should it work also on CBB?


thanks again


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Hi Ricky

I use an Apro 800 with CbB and previously Sonar Home Studio) and it generally works ok - though for reasons beyond me it occasionally loses connection!

In the dropdown do you get a device just names Apro? - if so that is the one you need

Once you get set up you'll find that knobs and faders are allocated to specific controls in CbB and softsynths - for the soft synths you can change the assignments - not sure about in CbB itself as I have never tried to change anything

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Colleagues, I am a happy owner of Roland A300 Pro. Somehow by accident, turning the faders in some setting, I began to control the settings of the SL-Bass

Since then, no matter how I tried to figure out how to control the synthesizer from the Roland A300 Pro, I could not.

Help me please!!!
I really want to understand this function and learn how to control the synthesizer settings from Roland.

PS. All other settings work.


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