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Kal S

W.A Production Mutant Bundle (90% Off) (Contains Reverb & Delay)

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W.A. Production's Mutant Bundle is on sale at 90% off. More details here

The bundle includes a reverb and delay perfect for vocals, percussion, synths and any other elements that require a touch of creative effects. Featuring clean algorithms, compressor-style parameters and unique ducker controls, the mutant effects make it quick and easy to dial in clean, high-quality delays and reverbs.


'Mutant Reverb’ is a mono-to-stereo reverb plugin with a built-in ducker; perfect for vocals, percussion, synths and many other applications where you need precise control of reverb tails.

'Mutant Delay' is a host-synced delay plugin with a built-in ducker, perfect for vocal processing and many other applications. In the studio, it's easy to lose count of the number of times you have to set up convoluted sidechain and compression routing, just to achieve a ducked delay for vocal lines. With Mutant Delay all that complexity is a thing of the past.


Mutant Delay.jpg

Mutant Reverb.jpg

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