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Selected Control Surface preset is not saved as current

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Saving changes after surface preset selection/modification is the only general surface bug and it exist in current release only. Mentioned hotfix solve it for other, workaround is simple to apply as well. Till you give more details, problems are triggered by your particular setup or (more likely) there is no problems at all (you just expect thinks are working not the way they are really working). F.e. presets (as well as mappings) are saved/loaded or not, there is no "soft of" behavior. When you are "switching between presets" in ACT MIDI, normally nothing changes visually since most parameters in most presets are the same. But what you see as "labels" (parameter labels, control labels are fixed by preset) depends from current context and preset parameters. The context changes all the time (when you click different parts in Cakewalk interface), a label is blank in case the parameter in question does not exist.

I repeat, control surfaces installation is a complex process, especially with DIY oriented devices like Axiom or BCF.  Everything is logical but far from intuitive. Transport buttons (and some other controls) in Cakewalk Generic Surface can be defined more or less "by intuition", but anything else requires at least an hour reading the documentation (for device and surface plug-in in question).

Bandlab Assist is rather strange program... to revert you will need uninstall Cakewalk in Windows (but better not remove "shared" staff, you will be asked what to do with it) and then install current release with Assist.

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