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Using Velocity Sensitivity To Layer Other Patches in Nucleus Orchestral Core Lite

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2 hours ago, PcMacsterRace said:

I have no idea what a "middle velocity section track" is. However, I did find out it's only an issue when I'm playing notes on my Midi controller. For some reason, it works perfectly during playback

Yeah... this is because there's some weirdness in the way Cakewalk processes notes when they're input from the keyboard as opposed to when they're played back from the track. When a note comes in from the keyboard, it's represented as raw (actual) Midi data in the MFX. While there are discrete Note On and Note Off events defined in the Midi standard, most Midi keyboards use a Note On event with a velocity of zero to turn the note off.  That's why the Velocity MFX leaves the note playing when it's played from the keyboard... it passes the note when the velocity is above the level you've set but it filters out the release of the note (same note where velocity=0), so the note stays on.

Notes coming from the track (during playback) are represented by a more complex structure defined by Cakewalk that always has discrete Note On/Note Off elements, so the MFX works correctly by filtering the Note On by velocity level and always passing the (discrete) Note Off event..

It would be pretty easy to write an MFX that filtered notes by velocity range for both keyboard and track input, but you'd still need a separate track for each instrument.

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