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ACID PRO 10 Upgrade 79.00


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I have version 9. They added a few more instruments and some cool looking spectral separation software. They say there are more loops in this version. 

They added side chaining...welcome to 1990. Sorry for the slight sarcasm there. No thrills for me there. I haven't opened version 9 in awhile.

No need...still it's tempting. Depending on your sense of value to cost and the accuracy of the 199.00 original "retail" price. you might see this as something to do.

199.00 isn't out of line for a DAW like ACID compared to others in the 399.00 -599 range. It's all about  perceived value and use I suppose. You get the free edition of Melodyne 5. If you didn't already have it this might help to tip the scale. Most here have some form of Melodyne already. 

I always thought the DAW was fun to work in but never made much in it that amounted to anything. It's fun to string things together without much thought and have them all lock together in tempo and play. Even Ableton isn't this easy to use.

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