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*Not A Deal* How to save big on VSTBuzz with coupons!

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I just wanted to share some news that I couldn't keep to myself, lol

If you refer a friend or use a refer link to buy stuff there you can get coupons of 10%, each time someone buys something and the coupons do stack! I don't know how I did it, but in July I somehow managed to collect 24 10% coupons! They kept sending me coupons vial email. I waited until end of July when I got paid to cash in all the coupons and take advantage of the Summer of Sound Design deal they had. I got a few items from there and some from the store section of the site. I even got the newest deal at the time (which is still going on now), the guitar amp VST. So in total it was 12 items!

  • 50% off "Factory" by Sugar Bytes
  • 71% off "Loom II" by Air Music Tech
  • 70% off "Wiggle" by 2nd Sense Audio
  • 72% off "Palindrome Sampler" by Glitchmachines
  • 96% off Ultimate RMX 30K Bundle
  • 65% off "Carbon Electra Synth" (VST/AU) by Plugin Boutique
  • 55% off "Grainspace" by Audiority
  • 70% off "Sasquatch Kick Machine 2" by Boz Digital Labs
  • 88% off "HellBeast" by Audio Assault
  • 86% off "MPC 2.0 Special Edition Bundle" by Akai Pro
  • 70% off "Virtual Instrument Player 3" by AKAI
  • 38% off "Thorus" by UVI

Total cost: €473.99

Discount with coupons applied: €436.17

Total paid: €37.82


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