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Finished AZController Preset for NovationLaunchControl XL 2!!

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Important for not to reset Controller when playback stop. In the preferences-->Midi-->Instruments-->Port/All Channels of the Controller-->Define--> Import LaunchControlXL.ins (Download from OneDrive Link) Now this Controller is not resetted on Settings--> Project-->More Midi-->"Reset Controller when playback stop" enabled.


Always the newest Files: Latest Version 10-05-2021

(Tested all Normal Actions on Track/Bus. Everything works as expected! Tested all Modes, all is fine!


I use Userpresets 1-4 from LaunchControl XL MK II (Novation-2.0-LC_Preset 1-4.syx) and Preset „AZC - Nov-2.0-LC 01-27-2021.spp“ for AZControl 0.5r9 (newest release)

SHIFT, CTRL, DOUBLE_PRESS and LONG_PRESS Buttons for additional possibilities

GainAccess Mode:

All "Normal" Parameter, Gain, Pan, Volume, Send 1-6, Send 1-6 Pan, Solo, Mute, Inp. Echo, Phase, Auto.Write, Rec Arm.

Normal Mode: 

Moving to Bars, Markers, Sections, Next/Previous 8/1 Track(s), Zoom (Hor/Ver), Snap Settings on Rotor , Note Length on Rotor, Prev/Next TAB, Loop On/Off. Goto From, Select Active Track, Select None, Exit Cakewalk, Do Nothing (for some Rotors and Sliders), Open Control Bar/Multidock, Fit Project Ver/Hor, Select Clips Left/Right, Move Data Cursor Left/Right, with Shift Up/Down, Select in Timeline (snap), Narrow/Widen Selection, Move Selection, Zoom In on Selection, Audio Selection +- 2 dB(more to come)

Record Mode:
Same as in Normal Mode plus some Record specific commands and functions.

Level Mode:
    Shows Level of selected Clip or Track on the Buttons (Green, Yellow, Red over -2 dB, Gain, Pan, Volume WAI Track 1-8, Move to Next/Previous Bar/Marker/Section, Select Clip Left/Right/Up/down, Zoom Ver/Hor, goto From/Thru, Select From/To Now Time, Reset WAI to Track 1/57, Loop On/Off, Set Loop to Selection, Show Arranger, Play Selection, Select Clip Left/Right/Up/Down on Buttons, Solo Selected Track, Select None, Selection +- 2 dB, CTRL+Z (Undo), Do nothing, Open Control Bar, Open Multidock, Fit Tracks Vertical, Fit Project, more to come……

Pro Channel 1 Track Mode:
    All Pro Channel Standard Parameter on Rotors, Sliders and Buttons! (See 1-TrPCMode.docx)

Pro Channel 8 Track Mode:
All Pro Channel Standard Parameter of 8 Tracks simultaniously, Bank 1 Bass, Bank 2 LoMid Parameter, Bank 3 HiMid Parameter and Bank 4 Hi Parameter for 8 Tracks, for sure not to forget Compressor, Tube and Console Emulation 8 Tracks.

ACT Mode (Synth and Plugins):
     96 Rotors, 32 Sliders and 64 Buttons for ACT, more with Shift on 4 Banks.

24 Track Mode:
    24 Tracks Volume on Rotors, 24 Tracks Pan on Rotors with Shift, 8 Tracks WAI Bus Volume on Sliders and 8 Track Pan on Sliders, Mute and Solo for 8 WAI Buses.

Piano Roll View Mode (Inline):   

Snap Settings on Rotor, Note Length on Rotor, Zoom Hor at Now Time, Zoom Ver at Now Time, Zoom Ver/Hor at Data Cursor, Next/Prev Marker/Bar, Select Left/right, Move Data Cursor Left/Right/Up/down, Open PRV, Length of selected Note(s) +- 10 Ticks (Repeat of Key will come), Nudge Left/Right/Up/Down selected Note(s), Nudge Octave Up/down of selected Note(s), Next/Prev Note select,Note Velocity +- 1/5, Toggle Edit View, Do nothing, Snap to/By….more to come…

Extended Keyboard Edit:
    Snap Settings on Rotor, Note Length on Rotor, Buttons „1“ Scroll/Zoom Mode, „3“    Select Mode, „9“ Edit Mode, Select None, „-„, „+“, „8“ Up, „Alt+8“, „Ctrl+8“, „4“ Left, „6“ Right, „2“ Down, „Alt+4“, „Alt+6“, „Alt+2“, „Ctrl+2“, „Ctrl+4“, „Ctrl+6“, „Ctrl+8“, Enable/disable Extended Edit Mode. Up/Down/Left/right on Rotor 23 and 24 for faster working….

Midi Mode:
    C1, C#1, D1, E1, F1, F#1, G1,G#1, A1, A#1, B1 and C2 on the Buttons for to record Midi…..(LEDs with different Colors)


Have fun and please give feedback;)



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3 hours ago, Heinz Hupfer said:

I need the outcoming Midi Signals, can you look in Mixi OX what midi CCs the Keylab sends on the Buttons, Sliders and Rotors.

Then make a list what functions you want to have on them....

Thanks for the offer: is it ok if I wait til next weekend? (Jan 16 or 17?) If I can get to it sooner, I will, but its time for the work week to start :( and my schedule is jampacked.

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Added  Last Changes document, cause nearly every time I work in Studio I find some things to add/change for better working with it!

This is the greatest Improvement for now:

Brought all things together! Now all Modes are available from Preset 1 Bank 1:


Normal Mode Bank 1

Long_Press WAI Down: Midi Mode

Long_Press WAI: Record Mode

Long_Press CTRL: PRV Mode

Long_Press SHIFT: 24 Track Mode

Long_Press Preset: Reset to Preset 1 Bank 1

Long_Press Bank: Pro Channel 1 Track Mode

Long_Press Mode: Level Mode

Double Press Ctrl: ACT Mode Synths

Long_Press Shift: ACT Mode Plugins


So you must not switch through Banks or Presets to switch to any Mode, very faster to work with.


I added the 3.  different "Endless" Mode for the Rotors and Sliders:


Sliders and Rotors are not Endless on Novation Launch control, so I have 3 different Buttons to use these Rotors and Sliders Endless:


1. Ctrl On: The upper/right half of the Rotors/Sliders move up/right, the lower half left/down

2. Long Press Mute 2 Button deselects Actions from the Rotors/Sliders, so you can move them in the other direction when you're on the end, pressing Mute 2 again long and you can go on.

3. Double Press Bank Button switches direction of the Rotors and Sliders. So when you're at the end (up/down) double press Bank Button moves on with revers direction. To the right/up normal, to the left/down with double Press Bank Button, pressing again it goes normal again....

The first method is the fastest!






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To clarify  some button actions here a short video: (I'm doing videos but it takes time) In the video I do:

1. Press Shift button, switch to Bank 2, change Send 1-3, press Shift and the Rotors change Send 1-3 Pan! See mouse pointer.

2. Press Ctrl button, use Slider 1 to Move from bar 1-127, the slider is at the end, now I press Ctrl Button

     and the Slider is now endless, the upper half do move forward, the lower half backward.

3.  Another Shift and Ctrl is to Double Press (within 0.4 seconds) the Transport/Mode buttons (Record Arm, Solo), faster to reach:)

      I like this more than the normal Shift and Ctrl. I switch back to Preset 1 Bank 1.

4. Short Press Button 9 (Mute) / 5. Double Press Button 9 opens the Control Bar

6. Long Press button 9 copys the selected clip, Move Data Cursor and press button 11 to Paste, press Ctrl for endless rotor

7. press button 12 for "Undo" 3 times / 8. Press Shift button, Shift + Button 9 selects left clip, button 10 right clip

9. Double Press  Button 10 opens Multidock, Shift + Long Press Button 9 gives focus to previous TAB, Button 10 next TAB.

10 Double Press Button closes Multidock

So we have 5 different actions on Short Press, Double Press, Long Press, Shift and Shift Long Press on just 1 Button and 1 Mode, this was Normal Mode.

I have 10 different Modes, so the in principle the Button has about 50 different functions:) Not really, but it could be!

So this is what is possible with AZController! A lot....



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