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scott sonderman

Pop/crackle on MIDI clip playback


Hi folks, first-time poster here. I'm having a problem with MIDI clip playback. I've tried searching the forum for this, and while there is a lot of info on pop/crackle, I wasn't able to find an answer to this one.

The setup is very simple: Empty project with a single-measure 4-beat MIDI clip linked to a 3rd-party VST drumkit. If I put the playhead at the beginning of the clip and play it I get pop/crackle, but only on the first beat. If I start playback in the middle of the clip there is no pop/crackle. If I put the clip on Measure 2 and start playback from Measure 1 there is no pop/crackle. So, this seems to happen only at the beginning of the MIDI clip.

This happens with multiple third-party VSTs but I have not been able to duplicate it with the instruments that come with Cakewalk. I should also mention that this happens intermittently, but once it begins to happen I can't get rid of it without exiting Cakewalk and re-starting. If I save the project once the problem begins, the pop/crackle will be present when I reload the project, even after restarting Cakewalk.

When I try the same thing in my other DAW (Reaper) I don't get any pop/crackle. I much prefer using Cakewalk over Reaper, but I really need to nail down this weird problem.

I've tried checking things like making sure my Windows10 is set the same as the project (both 48K). I'm using a vanilla Behringer 2x2 audio interface with their ASIO driver. The samples in the ASIO panel are set to 1024 while I'm doing this. Not sure what other specs to list, will give if needed.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any assistance.

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