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Can Someone Explain these dropouts?

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30 minutes ago, Kevin Walsh said:

I do hope that you find the performance  you're looking for with the set up you have.

Well, on an optimistic note just before crashing I decided to run my test one more time, only this time I checked the "Always Open All Devices" option, the performance module showed CbB happily bouncing though each logical core, and it ran for more than half an hour with no dropouts. The interesting thing was that LatencyMon showed a spike on a graphics related driver, issued it's red audio issue warning  right in the middle of the test, but as stated CbB was unaffected 😁...

So I can sleep a tad better tonight. But... I'll have to run it for longer tomorrow and hopefully with the same result. On my prior PCs all had third party sound cards installed as a build option, but not this one, and I'm not good at playing with a pc's innards, and external devices had their drawbacks back then. Anyhoo tomorrow's another day...

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