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Inflatable Hair

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I have let my hair grow out for the first time in over 10 years. I usually keep it shaved but now it's grown out, very grey and looks infaltable just like this guy!



In the not to distant future a dad buys a ROBOT at a discount. The robot interface glitches and slaps the people who lie.


DAD: Son,How's school?

SON: Great! We learned many things.

ROBOT slapped SON

SON: Ok,I went to the movies.

DAD: What did you watch?

SON: Toy Story 2 ROBOT slapped SON again

SON: Ok, a rated R movie.

DAD: I never watched movies like that.

ROBOT slapped DAD DAD: Ok, I watched a R rated movie when I was 14 years old.

MOM: There, There, stop this argument because he is in puberty stage and HE IS YOUR SON.

ROBOT slapped MOM.



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would a droid cross the road if it was programmed by a chicken?
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10 minutes ago, Starise said:

Inflatable Hare?



Riding the Rabbit.

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43 minutes ago, 57Gregy said:

Just imagine what you'll save on combs!

ZACTLY! but that's not important right now

Which reminds me

When I was in the military there was this dumb, inexperience 2nd lieutenant. To give him experience the Commander would put him in charge every once in a while. Well one day the command center recieved a message that an Airman Smith's father passed away. Right way the  2nd lieutenant went to the intercom  of the barracks where Airman Smith was, and said Airman Smith " Airman Smith your  father is dead".  Naturally Airman smith fell apart in his grief. 

Our Commander was livid! He marched up to the 2nd lieutenant and said "YOU IDIOT! Don't you know anything about tact sympathy when informing someone of such dire information. 

Well the 2nd lieutenant thought about it until he was satified he had a handle of dealing with this type of situation. 

About a month later  the command center recieved another message stating someones's father had died. An Airman Johnson this time

The 2nd lieutenant got on the intercome but this time ordered the men to assemble in front of the barracks for an important announcement.

Once all the men had assembled the 2nd lieutenant shouted " Everyone with a living father step forward!" Then immediatly shouted " NOT SO FAST AIRMAN JOHNSON!"

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