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VI Labs Summer Sale

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The VI Labs Summer Sale begins today with 30% off everything!

Get the new Modern U studio upright for only $118! Ravenscroft 275 for only $139! Any True Keys piano only $104, or get the bundle for only $244! Save an additional 10% off by purchasing two or more libraries!

The Modern U is our newest release and is sampled from a brand new popular studio upright with a modern approach and super clean sound. Crystal clear hammer attacks, six microphones, unique Sordino soft pedal, Muted Strikes, staccato Release Trails, real Resonance and many other features bring this modern upright to life. Deeply sampled and scripted with several new VI Labs features, this is truly a pianist's virtual piano.

Ravenscroft 275 is our premiere concert grand and is still the go-to instrument for professional musicians worldwide. A stunning library offering nearly 17,000 samples with four mixable mics, you can really connect to this virtual piano like no other. Rich sample-based resonances, sampled Una Corda pedal, advanced scripting and intuitive controls, plus 1,000 detailed release samples per mic add to the realism.

True Keys Pianos features three well-known concert grands, all deeply sampled with three discrete mic pairs plus a mix of all mics. All elements of the sound are sample-based and closely emulate their acoustic counterparts. Get the American, German, and Italian Grands, each with their distinct character, perfect for any mix or genre.

The End of Summer Sale lasts only until August 31 so don't wait! It's now time to grab these amazing pianos at these amazing prices! Visit vilabsaudio.com to order.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer from VI Labs


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