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project hand-drawn musical symbol classifier

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hey everyone I hope you are all doing well, 

just a little useless project t I guess, I'm planning to make hand-drawn symbol recognizer (machine learning thing) 

but I need your help to get the data, if you guys have free time I would be happy to take your help 

the process is easy,

1. you sign up to the website

( I know this is annoying for some people, but I want to credit everyone who has contributed to this project) ,

2. go to feed menu and draw, after that you have to choose which symbol you have drawn

(tho currently it only has 2 classes which means only 2 symbols, but I would love to add more when I have free time and also if you have suggestions please let me know ) 

3. and click feed (that's it) 

disclaimer (it was not meant to be mobile-friendly website, and designing ui is not my thing and I'm not very good at javascript since I used to code in python, and javascript and python syntaxes are very different from each other, so I apologize for the cluttering interface and web design ) 


if you interested, you can visit fmented.pythonanywhere.com 


cheers, stay safe and creative 


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