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Patrick Boyer

Synth Playback Stop on Step Sequenced Track

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I have a simple 1/4 note sequence that is using the Cakewalk Sound Center as the synth.  It plays back fine when I use the play button in the step sequence. But when I play the whole song the sound stop after the first 8 bars. If I stop the transport and start play again, it will them come back.  It is when I try playing the whole tack from the beginning the synth part drops out after the first 8 bars.  It does the same in the export/mix down of the whole track.

You can see in my screen shot that there the steps are not showing after the first 8 bars.  This has to be some simple thing I am over looking.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Note:  I have enable the clip looping.



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I am still waking up, so still looking at the image, and your comments.

I am wondering why you have the Smart Tool set to 547 Ticks, (mine is set to 1/4 note), and your Snap to Grid is set to 1/1 (mine is set to 1/8th note).  I am not sure why you have your Snap To Grid set to the "Whole" choice, from the drop-down list (That is what results in the 1/1 that you are using).  That seems like an odd choice to me, as with it set to 1/1, you can only position the Now Marker to the first beat of any measure. 

Because I have my Snap to Grid set to 1/8th note, when I am positioning the Now Marker, I can click either on a beat, or halfway in between any beat.  So, I can position the Now Marker in between the 2nd and 3rd beats of a measure, and if off by a tiny amount, it will take me to that 480 tick (1/8th note, in ticks) place between those two beats, or, if I want to 

Here is a screenshot of my Smart Tool and Snap to Grid, as they are currently set:



I will take a closer look at your issue, at around noon - as I have to shower and get ready for a doctor appt, and it is an hour drive each way to his office, plus the appt time itself...

Bob Bone

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