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Pitch and BPM Increase like tape speed change?

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OK First, don't judge the recording. It's from years ago done with a cheap kids Casio keyboard, one acoustic guitar and a 4 Track TASCAM PortaStudio.


I'm trying to recreate this song from years ago and one of the things i had done and need to recreate is a speed / pitch effect.  The entire song was recorded at the same speed but when mixing down to a stereo track I set the tape speed up higher to make it faster and sound different then as I got to the actual "song" part of the song, over 4 hard beats I slowly brought the speed back to the normal one. You can hear what I'm talking about with the attached sample of just that part of the tape.

Is there a way to do this digitally in CbB? Can I change BPM and pitch for part of a song then use bring it back down to normal?

Hopefully this all makes sense.

BPM Change - Exit Inn

BPM Change Exit Inn.wav

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