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Adam Frechette

Several small feature requests

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I will keep this short and simple. Just some very basic things - in no particular order just numbered for reference:


  1. Add the ability to bind a new key to insert a synth track - the only way I have found besides the synth rack or menu options is by the preset binding SHIFT+Insert
  2. Add the ability to global bind the mod wheel with the ACT or CWGS control surfaces - if there is one I haven't found it. I had to use MIDI-Ox to data map it. Seems like it would be a relatively simple thing to add.
  3. Add a lot more options in both the ACT and the Cakewalk Generic Surface controllers to allow more binding of buttons.  A solution to this would be prompting for the amount of knobs, faders and buttons the user wants. An APC Mini is a perfect example of a common surface controller with a ton of buttons.
  4. Enable actual stacking of instances of ACT and CWGS controllers, and not sharing the same presets. 
  5. Add the ability to lock a synth windows size even if you expand options within it (Looking at you Kontakt)
  6. Add the ability to view a staff in multiline page format, and in single line format - instead of only single line format.
  7. Make it so when you open a tab and resize it the tab stays that size. Make tabs size independent! If nothing else please just keep it full size. Also when you bind a key to open a tab in multidock,  make it multi functional - double pressing it can expand and shrink the tab window to its previous size.
  8. A way to keybind DOTTED and TRIPLET instead of wasting a ton of hotkeys. For instance if you want quick access to all versions of a whole note, it would require 3 different keybindings. To keybind all notes up to a 32nd would require 18 keybinds. Whereas if you implemented this it would only require 8, six keybinds for the whole through 32nd notes and two for the DOTTED and TRIPLET modifier keys.
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