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UJAM Virtual Bassist Dandy


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Virtual Bassist DANDY: The Gentleman Bassist

Let the Gentleman Bassist Work Classy Charm Into Your Songs

DANDY is your first-call when you need a seasoned professional bassist that is totally present in a mix without ever sounding “shouty”. There’s no indie-rock attitude in the playing. No, DANDY quietly lays down ultra-smooth, highly-polished basslines without hogging the spotlight or taking up too much room in a mix. How civilized!

Virtual Bassist Dandy includes:

World-class vintage bass guitar & player

30 Styles

990 Phrases

100 Presets

15 Finisher Multi-Effect Modes

MIDI Drag & Drop

Great-sounding modern and vintage tones.

DANDY sounds fantastic on any production that needs electric bass, but it’s particularly great on Soul, Pop, Blues and Rock tracks. The custom-made DSP algorithms push the raw sound of the bass in many directions from soft, round tones (perfect for vibey old school soul and blues tracks) all the way to bright modern pop and rock. Try blending DANDY with your synth-bass lines to give them a little more life and sophistication!

Like a classic gentleman

DANDY uses its understated charm to make you sound and feel amazing. The meticulously sampled bass guitar with flat-wound strings has a classy, warm and restrained vintage sound that is markedly different than the more modern and in-your-face ROYAL and ROWDY virtual bassists. However, when paired with the included multi-effects, DANDY effortlessly delivers fantastic tones that sound right at home in both modern and vintage productions.

$86.59 Intro Offer at Best Service


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Here's what I LOVE about ujam.  They don't care about convincing you that they've created some specific piece of analog gear.  It's not this particular drum set, guitar, or bass, or effect.

When I am writing a song, I try every electric bass I own for the bass part.  Some work, some don't for my particular track.  When I am doing that it doesn't matter if the basses are modelled or sampled recreations of some legendary bass.  All that stuff no longer matters.

The only thing that matters is which bass sound works best with all my other tracks.  And ujam stuff sounds great.  And their approach to AI works better for me than EZBass, because I am more of a player than a programmer.

If you look at what the future is going to be for EZBass, it's going to be a LOT of extreme spendage.  Buy, buy, buy , buy.  There are so many famous basses. 

But ujam is just saying;  use our four basses and you can handle most of your needs.  And they provide regular upgrades at reasonable prices, with new features and MIDI patterns.  When is the last time Toontrack ever contact you and said there would be more MIDI patterns in their genre packs?

There's a lot to be said for both approaches, but I lean more towards ujam for basses at this point.

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8 minutes ago, LAGinz said:

If I’m thinking about getting one all-rounder, which is the best UJAM bass?

I got Royal for that purpose and it has worked out pretty well. You could try the demos of each one and see which works for you. 

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25 minutes ago, Greg said:

Might wait for the inevitable sale.  I have the other 3.  

I think they give a discount, $10 off of sale price, if you own the other 3. 
But forget where I saw it ie on email or web site.

Doesn't mean you won't get it cheaper on future sale or BF.

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