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Paul, I've listened to you guys for a few years, and this is becoming quite a fun hobby for me.  Your mixing has come a long ways, as well as your story telling.  This song has some nice touches that don't mask the song, yet add quite a bit of nuance, like the delay on parts of the vocal.  I'm very happy to hear your production skills growing, and the maturity of the sound.  Kudos!

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Hey Paul.  This  song and your last one have struck me as being very personal statements.  This one, as I stated in my reply to your previous post, seems like it is one guy unafraid to express some hurt that he is feeling.  I like the minimalist approach to this number (e.g., the full instrumentation coming in later in the song).  I can't comment on the mix, since I have troubles with that myself.  However, I do believe that music must be honest and that honesty must not be lost in perfection.  This my friend seems like a truly honest song.  Nice one!!

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18 hours ago, SPAK said:

Your voice suits this song but I think it could do with M8, that said I'm going around singing it now !o.O so I suppose I'm hooked LOL


Great stuff chaps


Just listened to it again .. forget the M8 bit  ...still goin' around with that hook, still a B.Good song!

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Hi, Paul,

This is a really nice melancholic pop ballad, with great lyrics and vocals, and a nice clean mix!🙂

I really like how the arrangement built up throughout the song, and when the strings came in they were a tasty icing on the cake!

Excellent work, Paul, great song!🙂

Have a good one, my friend!

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Hi Kloon,

I also like reading lyrics reminds me of those golden bygone days of record sleeves.

Hi Lynn,

Great to hear from you again, thanks for your advice over the years. 

Hi Chuck,

What 'minor flat notes'? They're there on purpose ... 😉 

Hi emeraldsoul,

I'll try upping the vocal and varying the drums next time I have a pass at this one. Best you've heard from me though ... wup wup!

Hi Freddy,

It is that kernel of emotion which I try to put into every song to make it worthwhile ... you once again have seen through me.


Glad the hook got you.

Hi Wookie,

Like Freddy you are wise beyond your years my friend.

Hi Bob,

Glad you liked the arrangement and the strings.

Thanks for all of your comments and for listening, it is really appreciated.



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Hi Paul.
The greatest songs come from the heart…  is it a true story...  because it certainly feels like that?
I think there are a few out of tune phrases…  but in my opinion I think that gives the "from the heart" feeling.

I had to play the song a second time... there is something about it.
Well done-

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I like the straight up pop sound that you do, reminiscent of 50s and 60s songs (you know, when music was good)
Must have been difficult to write the lyrics and yet worth it to get the words out. I'd like to suggest that you change the "that broke"  to either "who broke"  or "you broke"   Just sounds better IMO.

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