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I have returned!!!


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11 minutes ago, Mesh said:

Glad to see you back Larry!! Missed seeing you here. On a different note, I noticed I seem to have more cash in my wallet. 😋

Ditto. Well, not the cash thing. I was able to spend what little I had on a VST or two.

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On a side note this internet thing is something to consider when moving.   I know a customers that retired somewhere southwst of Iowa City and for the first two years they had crappy internet.   We moved in 2004 from one part of the same town to another part of the same town and lost options on internet service. Sixteen years later for all are tax dollars we should have  stellar Internet for most of the US.  I'm hoping Starlink will be a success.

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17 hours ago, cclarry said:

Hey Everyone!

I had a family Emergency and had to go to Kentucky.
Been there 3 weeks and NO INTERNET!  

I'm glad to be home!

Special thanx to those who expressed concern!!!

OMG! Call the Geneva Convention!  This is definitely torture!!!  No internet just is not allowed.  


Glad everything is okay with you and you are back safely.  :)

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Welcome back Lars. If the family emergency was inability to find the right plugin bargains, they called the right guy! 

In all seriousness though, hope everything is ok with the family. They come first.

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