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Bug: Crossfades prevent clip splitting

Josh Wolfer

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When you attempt to split a clip via alt+click or the split tool, it won't split if a crossfade exists in the area you are attempting to split. 

This requires you to move the fade first. 


I have a single clip with a longer fadeout and I want to split it at now time to move a transient around. But the X-fade is preventing the split.


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On 7/18/2020 at 5:23 PM, Kevin Perry said:

Right click and split does work, but it's an extra OK to click on.  Otherwise, confirmed.    And a reversion (ie. bug) compared with the last version of SONAR Platinum.

It was driving me nuts, because I've never run into it before. I just finally figured out it was the xfade preventing the snip. 

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