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Moving Arturia Resources Folder

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The Arturia V collection resources folder lives by default in C:/Program Data. It has grown to 12GB as new instruments have been added to the collection, particularly now some instruments like the Synclavier and Mellotron use samples. It's  an annoyingly large amount of data on my SSD system drive.

I noticed there was an option to set the resources folder in Arturia Software Center. Easy thinks I, move the folder to my sample drive and point Software center to it.

Wrong.   -  Once I had done this the licenses would not synchronize.

When all else fails READ THE INSTRUCTIONS


I moved the folder back to its original location and mercifully it synchronized without problems. I am now doing it the correct way. It's a long process, there are thousands and thousands of files in the 12GB so moving them is slow.


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Further to this it seems Software centre creates a directory join, so if you examine the Program Date folder it appears the Arturia Resources folder is still there with all its contents. The disk space has been released however. Its important to understand and remember this to prevent potential issues in the future.

The clue is the small blue arrow in the bottom left of the folder icon.

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