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MIDI keyboard suddenly stops responding in Sonar

Ota Štanc


Hi everybody.

I installed BandLab Sonar some days ago (switching from X1) and here's the problem:

I use Roland GO:KEYS as my MIDI input keyboard. First I used USB cable connection, it worked fine as well as my ZOOM R24 control surface. All of a sudden the MIDI keyboard ceased responding as if it was not connected - no meters action, no sound... When I check Preferences, everything seems normal, the device is detected and selected for input and output. I tried all the things like changing the cable, USB port, even reinstalled Sonar with no success. 

Then I switched the drive from MME to UWP, which allowed me to use Keyboard's BlueTooth MIDI. Again I am able to choose the device (see the picture). It only worked for 5 minutes and then - no reaction.

My OS is WIN10 64 ver 1709.

Any ideas? Thanks from The Czech Republic.




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