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Manual for users of Russia.

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Still, I decided to write about one important issue related to your Sonar Keywalk product. Why do not any of the owners want to gain a prestigious place in the studio industry market. Even Steinberg has made complete Russian manuals for all of his products (DAW), which it immediately affected its popularity in Russia. Many of my friends simply switch to Cubase 10. The lack of a complete user manual complicates the work and causes discomfort. I have to go to elementary questions in forums where some amateurs hunt for disputes. I have external equipment and I have acute the need to understand the process of mixing the final mix without any intricacies. Like in Cubase 10. Combined and exported with all the streams. How to do this in BandLab without creating any auxiliary tires. I just worry about BandLab in the Russian market. With great respect and love. George (disabled person). There are still many current shortages along with big changes for the better.


George Krupenin/Russia


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Welcome, George. It is a coincidence to me as last night I started watching a Russian television series, Лучше, чем люди.

It is good to get your feedback, however, the correct forum for it is this other one:


You posted in the forum for discussing User Interface Themes, how end users can use the Cakewalk Theme Editor to customize colors and buttons and knobs and other graphic elements of the program.

I know that the online Cakewalk Documentation is automatically translated into many languages, including Russian: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x184C5

Is it possible to use a service such as this one to translate the Cakewalk Reference Guide?: https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/ru/translationform

(it may not be possible, I and other forum members have tried translating the Ref. Guide to other formats and had the process fail due to its large size)

If you are not already aware, you may download the full Cakewalk Reference Guide from here: https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf

Take caution, it is over 2000 pages!

You are also very welcome to ask your technical questions here. We have all had our "elementary questions" and very few people here are hunting for disputes (the English expression is "looking for an argument" :-)). I think we're more likely to dispute with each other over who's going to give you the best answer.

Cakewalk is a large beast that has lived for a long time. There are often many ways to do the same operation. I myself had some trouble in this same area when I was new: understanding exactly how Cakewalk creates final mixes. If I am correct and this is what you are having trouble with, I can at least tell you how I do it and we can see if it helps you.

(I don't work for BandLab, I'm just hoping to help out)


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