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I love the "Rhythm" feature on the Cakewalk arp!

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So, for a long time I wished there were an arpeggiator that would basically repeat notes as I hold them and synchronize to the project timing grid. And do it polyphonically so I can play repeated chords in sync. I just discovered that the "Rhythm" mode in the Cakewalk MIDI arpeggiator does EXACTLY that. And it's been there for years -- I pulled up an old version of Sonar and it was there. HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Thank you Cakewalk! I've never seen that option in any other synth arpeggiator!!

Speaking of the Cakewalk arpeggiator, I've always experienced this weird bug with it where often Cakewalk will freeze for about 10 seconds when I press play if the arp is switched on any MIDI track. Usually I have to record what I want, bounce it, and then turn it off to stop the hanging problem. Has anyone ever noticed this? I've had this happen across multiple systems.

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