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APD Offer: 71% Off True Keys Piano Bundle by VI Labs

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For only $99 (instead of $349), get the 3-in-1 True Keys Piano Bundle by VI Labs!

True Keys is a virtual piano collection based on three highly revered concert brands: the American, Italian and German Pianos.

With nearly 50,000 audio files recorded with multiple high end mics and preamps, the pure sound of these instruments is available at your fingertips.

This is a limited time offer you should not miss!

Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1/

Deal ends on July 22nd, 2020


  • Nearly 50,000 samples of 3 of the most popular grand pianos in the world
  • 100% sample-based, no modeling or synthesis used
  • Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources
  • 4 discreet Microphone Perspectives available
  • Fully sampled Una Corda pedal
  • Sympathetic and Pedal Resonance
  • Adjustable Sympathetic Resonance polyphony
  • Re-pedal and True Pedal Action for realistic sustain pedal control
  • Half-pedal mode is sample-based and fully adjustable
  • Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response
  • 22 pristine Convolution Reverbs included
  • Thousands of Release samples, including true Staccato Releases
  • 19 total Velocity layers, including Silent Strike samples
  • Custom Tuning with presets and Micro-tuning supported
  • Lossless flac format allows highest quality with smallest drive space
  • Fast loading times
  • Computer-based copy protection (Use on up to 3 machines, no dongle required!)





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I just got this. It's awesome! What's funny is that I was looking up best piano VSTs and VI LABS was one of the companies I was looking at. Their price threw me off though 😛 Then I found this deal a few hours later 😲😍😎

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Yep, these are pretty, pretty good, just like their Ravenscroft. And I really like the UVI engine, almost more than Kontakt. 

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Their Ravenscroft is my favorite piano.  But the Fazioli (Italian) and Bechstein (German) are close seconds. The American is fine, but I have so many Steinways, it isn't much of an addition for me. 

Yes, I have them all from a previous sale.  Great deal! 

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