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2020.05 - metronome weirdness and more....

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Updated 2020.01 to 2020.05 this weekend and have some strange behavior.

#1. Soloing a bus - mutes metronome

I can solo any number of tracks no problem.

But if I turn on Dim on solo - then metronome comes back.

Have not checked all options - but I only have for count in, so neither playback or record are checked.

I checked output, it was on Analog1+2 on hardware, same as master goes to.

Changed to master for metronome, but no different.

#2. recorded midi - much too often it truncates the last bar as recorded.

I know I played another bar before hitting spacebar, and I could even see it truncated.

It was longer before hitting spacebar.

I did not check if it just used another take in comp lanes or something.

I did maybe a dozen takes, then undo with Ctrl Z and recorded again.

Recording mode comp.

#3. Strange things happend - and suddenly lead vocal track seemed slided so first line of vers was gone. Clip looked normal position.

I also found that Start marker I always have at 5.01 was gone.

And other markers were nudged 800 ticks or something. They did not line up on the grid.

I luckily had a backup I reverted to from 2 days ago - that made this back to normal.

Not sure if I pressed something, I forgot which modifier were to activate Solo override, tried Ctrl and Alt before finding Shift.

That is all I know I did.


I will see if doing the same things in my Sonar Artist 2015 works on the same project, to see if I can narrow down a bit.


If anybody experienced similar, please share.

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