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Ultra™ Viral World-Class KONTAKT 6 (preorder)

Alex Dafield

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Ultra™ - Viral World-Class COMPLETE BUNDLE 1.0 
39.48GB KONTAKT 6 (kontakt 5.8.1 mininum)
Important: Rare Edition

Watch the official trailer here:



A GIGANTIC expression of emotions...

Millions of ways to create, an immersion of inspirations...

Explore innovative sounds. Access now to 39.48GB OFFICIAL and most POPULAR instruments, elements & sounds
Live an Experience of music composing. boost x10 your music productions to the next level!

Hundreds of Professionals Composers have already ordered Ultra™ - Viral World-Class Complete Bundle 1.0

Click herehttps://www.designmybeat.com/products/virtual-instruments/ultra-viral-world-class-complete-bundle

Watch the trailer here:


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OMG... there's only 18 copies left at the special sale price (of more than $200).   I have no time to lose... where is my credit card... must have UltraViral Snake Oil... I wonder if it's infused with Copper and Cannabis hemp fibers... can it be washed and used again and again?  Will they charge an additional handling fee if I want 2 copies?  So many questions and so little time... cannot miss this life-changing deal...


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Good news, they must have restocked, back to 18 units available.

Honest feedback for the company (Alex, I'm guessing you're affiliated since this is your first post?); the ad and site come across as way too aggressive and a little shady.  I'm not sure it that works for your sales but I feel like a shower after looking at it.

Possibly-fake youtube comments on the video, suspiciously all from the same hour. Annoying "This person just bought" notifications that are baked into the website source. A countdown and ad for this on every page. A discount of 199 from 599 on the product page is not 70% off (though almost). Or is list price really 1200 euro like the ad says? In which case, really? The site takes control of mouse scroll wheel. Denying the buy dialog gives a second popup, with a coupon to try to save the sale. 

No reference on Music Tech's website for your company, including no 10/10 for "Ultra Star," Hydro, or this. I do apologize if those were print-only reviews. In which case, what issues?

Congrats on "VST Plugins Gear of the Year 2020," in July no less - what organization awards that?

I'm not familiar with DJ Snake, but congrats on getting an endorsement on one of your other products from the esteemed Max Martin who said "99% of the presets sounds are FASCINATING... The public react always good with admiration." Really? Max Martin has used your product and said or typed those words?

Finally, the trailer video contains footage that is almost certainly infringing copyright. I know this thread and post are in a joking tone but serious feedback: taking liberties like that makes me curious if all 40GB of your sample content is licensed properly, obeys EULAs and copyrights of source material, synths, and drums, etc.

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I decided not to buy, as the 18 copies must be almost gone because they kept flashing names of all the people buying the libraries - Dylan from Amsterdam, Tom from London, S. L.I.P.  from cakewalk deals (x17),  etc. So much pressure.  I decided to  subscribe for life to access these sounds so I can become ultra stage ready forever.  It’s such a hardcore commitment to making it that they don’t even provide a way to cancel subscription.  See you on stage in Miami...

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