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John Bradley

Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz cover

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Are You Gonna Go My Way

Not from the '80s, but close - 1993. Good lord, this song's nearly 30 years old...

Technical data: Minimal -- Straight ahead rock - guitar, bass and drums, no synths. Recorded in Feburary 2020.

Drums: Session Drummer 3 as always

Bass: IKM's MODO BASS doing what it does. The Rickenbacker model rather than the P-bass I typically use. At some point I stopped using the internal amp modelling in MODO, and just take the 'direct' out into Axiom, but this is before I figured that out. Did add a bit of Trash 2 to give it a slight edge, and some ST3REO and BREVERB to fill it out.

Guitars: Two 'riff' guitars panned hard left/right, the one on the right playing up an octave and coming and going as it sees fit. A third guitar for the lead. All three are done on this '85 Japanese Strat (with EMGs) that I got for my 21st birthday so very long ago. BIAS FX doing the amp sim on each of them. Oh, and the "Les Paul rhythmic cutout using the pickup selector" thing at the very end was done by automating the Gtr1&2 bus volume after the fact. Strats don't do that.

Vocals: Double tracked the whole way through, with some NECTAR 2 on each track providing some very slight chorus & delay, compression, limiting. Critically the 'Harmony' module is providing 2 voices of unison with a bit of pitch/time variation. So there's effectively six voices singing the vocal at all times. (vox, vox double, + 2 voices of harmony on each). And obviously, some Melodyne Studio 4... the magic whatsit that makes any of this possible!

Effects: Beyond what's mentioned above, just normal ProChannel stuff and BREVERB, plus an Ozone Limiter on the drum bus and Ozone 8 on the master.

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