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Michael McBroom

Bug Report -- Event List and Project Save

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I have Cakewalk set to save my projects every 5 minutes. I have discovered the hard way, however, that having Cakewalk save my data while I am inputting values into the Event List causes the system to hang. This happens if I am in the process of entering data when Cakewalk begins to save the project. Sometimes, if I see it begin to save the project, I stop entering the data, it will pause then continue to save, but other times if I've like hit "Enter" while it's saving, Cakewalk freezes and even if I walk away from my computer for several minutes, it won't dislodge itself from this condition. The only way out, I've found, is to shut down CW and then call up the most recent save. But to shut it down, I have to call up the Task Manager to kill it. Fortunately, when I do this, I get a CW pop-up asking me if I want to save the file, so I haven't lost any data.

If I'm doing a lot of work on the Event List, what I do now is I disable the "save" feature in Preferences and then I re-enable it when I'm finished with my Event List editing. Still, a bug's a bug, which is why I'm mentioning it.


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