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Tools HUD frustration relief

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The scenario: I'm editing or comping away furiously, and hit the middle button to bring up the HUD to switch tools. I click and hold on the "Wrench" button, and realize that I spaced and that what I really wanted was one of the drawing tools, which are under the "Pencil" button.

So I lift off the "Wrench" button before I've actually made a selection and click on the "Pencil" button and....poof! the HUD vanishes.

If there is a setting that will change this behavior, please tell me, otherwise, FEATURE REQUEST: Please allow us to change our minds about which tool we want while we've got the HUD open. Clicks on buttons on the HUD shouldn't banish it until the user has "sealed the deal" and chosen a tool or edit filter or note duration. Clicks outside the HUD should banish it. Or whatever, at least it shouldn't go away when I'm earnestly trying to click on a button.

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