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Replace Entire .wav Sample On A Track? [Like FL Studio]

Kirti Gill

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I have done a lot of searching (via google) to find a way to do as the title suggests in Sonar Cakewalk, In FL Studio what i found very useful (since im a heavy loop/sample user); was that you could replace an entire .wav file in the playlist just by dragging a different .wav file from the library onto the existing one, what would happen then is it would usually tempo match and recreate (the similar) based .wav sample i was working on for example, If i had a synth sample from a construction kit at 128 bpm and found another in the same key and tempo from another sample pack i could just drag it and replace the entire (previous) sample file (including all its instances in the playlist) and have a brand new feel without much effort. So hope i made what im trying to achieve as clear as possible, and im hopeful that a established DAW such as this has something that seems very basic, implemented.



-Audio B.

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I don't think this is possible in Cakewalk (or even the looping-oriented Ableton Live, for that matter). The only workaround I can think of is instead of putting a loop in a track, load it into a virtual instrument (like assigning the sample to a key in the TX16xw sampler or a pad in Session Drummer) and trigger it with a MIDI note. Then  if you replace the sample, you'll replace all instances where it was triggered.

Note that the replacement sample won't time-stretch automatically, so you would need to convert it to the proper BPM beforehand if needed. I realize this is kind of awkward procedure, but it does work.

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