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Starship Krupa

Input (and Output) device names display incorrectly

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Okay, I don't care what anyone says about this issue, it is neither unsolvable nor trivial in impact.

The issue I'm talking about is the one where on some (all? I don't know) interfaces, at least mine, that have multiple inputs, Cakewalk displays the names of the inputs incorrectly and there is no way, even with "Double-click on a friendly name to edit it" for the user to fix this.

Yes, I already know "Cakewalk is reporting it that way because that's what the driver reports to Cakewalk bla bla bla."

Awesome, isn't Cakewalk's entire job to translate gibberish from various drivers into things that humans can understand? If it took that approach in other areas, wouldn't audio in Cakewalk just sound like FAX machine noise and video be a blob of colored snow? In this case, it's not doing its job well enough. It's taking in ugly information and passing it on without enough translation.

I'm usually not one to play this card, but other programs are able to perform this task without breaking a sweat. Observe Mixcraft:



It still shows them as stereo pairs for whatever reason, but it has their actual names in parentheses and it's clear enough.

The reason I'm kind of lit up about this is because it messed me up last night once again. Two times in the past I've armed the wrong input for recording and wound up with 3 tracks of drums and one track of silence. Fortunately those were practice sessions and didn't matter. This time was a real session and we were running out of time and I couldn't get a level on the vocal mic. Phantom power on, cable in, level up on the preamp, I was getting something, just not the deep rich sound of my vocalist close in on the mic like I wanted him.

That's because for 5 embarrassing  minutes I was tapping on the vocal mic while I was turning up the level on the guitar amp mic, which was plugged into what Cakewalk said was "Left Firepod ASIO x64 Pod 1 - Input 3L" instead of the vocal mic, which was plugged into "Right Firepod ASIO x64 Pod 1 - Input 3L."

These inputs on my Firepod are not marked Left or Right anything on the panel, they are labeled "3" and "4." Just because the driver's lying doesn't make it okay. There is no such thing as "Right Firepod Input 3L." It's "Input 4." It can be "Right Input 4" or "whatever" input 4, but there has to be some way for it to be labeled Input 4. Even if I have to do it myself, I don't care.

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