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CAL script expertise out there?


Greetings all - 

I'm looking to code some advanced humanization scripts and there is a key element of the data model that I am not aware of (or even if it exists).

Events as an array

I extensively use MIDI, and the interaction between notes is integral to making MIDI instruments sound truly genuine. For example, notes overlapping is required for legato slides and hammer-ons / pull-offs in my VSTs. Running a standard humanization that alters the event.time can easily break the overlap. Ideally, I'd like to be able to modify the event.dur of the PREVIOUS event based upon the change in event.time of the current event.

This would require events to be indexed or in some sort of array - or other capabilities that the language may have that I am not aware of.

Anyone out there have thoughts on this? I'll be more than happy to share my progress and results.

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