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Philip G Hunt

Sound walks - Forces of Nature

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After months of psychological stress and anxiety, many of us are feeling the strain. My own way of dealing with stress is to go into nature. But I cannot always get a forest or visit the sea, especially as I am most days chained to my desk teaching lessons. As a result, when I do go into nature I record the sounds I hear and then collate them into sound collages to listen to at night or during moments of stress.

I have recently put together some long audio soundscapes (6-10 minutes) together with soothing musical tones and calming drones.
I am making these available for free on my bandcamp page for anyone who might get some benefit from them.



You do not need to pay, but of course any payments would be gratefully received, especially in this moment of economic uncertainty.

I hope you find these beneficial and please pass on the link to anyone else who may be in need of some calming sounds to get them through the day.

#mindfulness #soundscapes #53mph #forest #sea #audiowalk #meditation

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