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The Mystery


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So I was basically trying out Elysium harp and made some mood music......or meandering whichever you prefer to call it. I still don't think I've work with the harp enough to understand it totally. This is intended to be relaxing music.

The Mystery-


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Thanks for the comments guys! I agree bjornpdx. After a few more listens I think the harp is a bit under done. Kloon, you are not the first to say you didn't find the music totally relaxing. I had another person say the same thing making me reconsider the whole approach since that was my goal. 

I don't want to clutter up the songs thread, so I'll post another recent example of the Elysium harp here. Note that I haven't used a fraction of what it can do yet. I usually prefer to play my harp parts in without any arpeggios.


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Starise, very well done. You maybe might drop the piano out and let it come back in (on the first piece) - sometimes it's a  busy arrangement and you might prefer trying a section with less going on, to increase the chill or let it breathe.


Or, not! Really nothing wrong as is.


The ending, which is great, shows a more chill mood.


thanks for sharing that, it was very nice piece to let the mind meander through.





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