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Heinz Hupfer

Shortcuts CV and TV

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Problem is that shortcuts do not work if the focus is not in the right view!

Next Problem is that I cannot get the focus to the console view in the multidock by pressing CTRL+TAB.


1. CTRL+I opens ProChannel in TV from everywhere, that should be for all Shortcuts.

2. SHIFT+Enter should open ProChannel in  the console view from everywhere, not only when Console View is in Focus.

    SHIFT + Enter does not work always. Depends from the "parameter focus". 

3. Open Bus view in the console should open from everywhere, not only with focus in CV.

4. With Windows CTRL+TAB Focus should "really" change to the Multidock. It looks like it does, the window name changes to black but the focus is still in TV.


So I cannot change these things from a midi controller cause it doesn't always work to open PC in CV cause of the lost focus.






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