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Billy Zeppa

Best way to 'slip time around' on midi track?

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Hi guys.  I have a project that was recorded to quantized midi drums, on a fixed grid, so certain parts may sound a little rushed and others a little slow.  Before mixing, I want to free up the drums a bit so they are still just as smooth, and not necessarily with any 'swing' or 'feel', but with minor speed-ups and slow downs where appropriate, while total length of the song remains virtually the same - smooth, minor speed-ups and slow-downs.  It would be nice to be able to grab the grid at a point, and slip the whole grid smoothly forward or back, between, say, two defined end points, the way you can do with audio clips using 'V-vocal'.  Is there a way to do this same thing, or similar, for midi notes in a midi recording, in Sonar or Cakewalk by Bandlab?  Failing that, what tools are available to get this done, in Cakewalk or other audio tools?  Thanks, all.




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