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Jim Roseberry

Behringer Poly D - not a deal (well sort of)

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Some will scoff at Behringer products (mostly from their past - many times well deserved)... but they've been releasing some good/great gear of late.

If you miss the venerable Mini-Moog, you have to check out the Poly D.



I used to have an early Model-D.

It needed service bad... and sat for many years until I sold it (in a moment of weakness).

Have always regretted selling it.

The Mini-Moog doesn't do a lot (compared to todays hardware/software synths), but what it does do... it sounds glorious.

I like to think of it as the exact opposite of many of today's more advanced/technical instruments.

You can dial-up a classic bass or lead tone super quick.  Though it's relatively simple in architecture, nothing (to me) sounds quite like the Mini-Moog.

For lack of a better way to put it, you can almost hear the electricity in the sounds.


To my ears, the Poly D isn't quite as fat sounding as the real Mini-Moog, but it's pretty close.

Poly D is far far far more stable on the tuning side!  Filter is really nice.

I turned on the Poly D... and dialed up a lead type sound in probably 30 seconds.  Think Tom Sawyer or Subdivisions... and that's in the ballpark.

The action on the keyboard lends itself to playing fast lead lines.  Get your Rick Wakeman and Jan Hammer fix!

Might be the sentimental old man in me... but I really love the Poly D.

Just a blast to play...

Got it sitting on a rack in the studio... and I keep stopping to play it.

I've got to get work done.  Might have to switch it off.   😁


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Poly D has a 4th Oscillator, Distortion, Chorus (from Juno 106), and Step-Seq/Arp.

The rack model D is a more strict Model-D copy (sans keys).


I also have the rack version (was thinking I'd sell it when I got the Poly D).

Should probably just keep it... and have twice the Moog-ish fun.  


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