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Where do I start . . ?

Hi team.

First of all -- If there's a way to do this within Cakewalk, please let me know. 

So, I received a project from a client and normally, I would render every stem to be used in Cakewalk. I'd started working on this project yesterday, but in the FLP file it came with. Sitting in studio as I'm taking a break, a thought pop up.

Wouldn't it be cool for EDM producers, if Cakewalk had the ability to do automation by tempo sync - much like how "FL Studio" do with "Link controller and Peak controller" combined for sidechain or for any other creative effect with any plugin. Again, if this can be done in Cakewalk - let me know. Imagine how creative those in EDM, Dance, House, Electro, Pop, HipHop can be with this in Cakewalk. Right now plugins will do, but imagine how much CPU load it will spare. 

Anyway. I hope this spark some good discussions and fill some holes I wasn't clear enough on. 🤘




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