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Matteo Donda

Cakewalk and Novation Launchkey Mini MKIII

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Hi, Matteo from Italy

I'm new here

I've started using CW few week ago, and learned the basis

Now I've just purchased a Novation Launchkey Mini MKIII as a midi controller

But there's no way to let it work

I've tryied several tutorial, but none of them works

launchkey is selected in the preferences



launchkey is selected in the track input




Anyone had the same problem, or are able to give me an hint?


thanks in advance


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For first I would install and start Midi-Ox to see if any Midisignal is coming in. Start Midi-OX and  under Options/Midi Devices select Launchkey as IN/OUT.

Now you see Midisignal coming in and getting out if it works!


Then in Cakewalk deselect  Launchkey, restart and select Launchkey again as Input. See if in the Midi-Track you can see a signal if you press a key. Switch Monitor Auto/Off. 


As I can see in the picture, you have a Audiotrack or is it an Instrument track? Look in the midiTAB if a special Midichannel is selected. Switch to Omni.


Hm.....try a miditrack (not instrument track) and recordarm it and start record and press some keys to see if signal is recording....


That's it for the moment:)



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Start with this video - you want to start looking at ACT and assigning the midi signals their function. I have the launchkey 49mk3 and had no transport controls etc... this put me in the right direction.


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Hiya - I recently bought one of these too - after much digging the biggest hint was in the Launchkey Mini MKII Manual in the chapter "Working with HUI (Pro Tools, Cubase)"
It *should say "Cakewalk"  in there too ....
So the steps ....
Connect, start CbB ... etc

CbB Prefs: MIDI-> Devices    :  Select ALL of the Launchkey ports (MIDI & DAW)
CbB Prefs: MIDI-> Control Surfaces   :  Create a new Entry - as controller choose "Mackie Control"
                                for In Port choose the Launchkey DAW port
                                for Out Port choose the Launchkey DAW port
Choose a WAI color you like so you now where u are in the daw.
Save and exit preferences
In the CbB main window select the Utilities menu - click on your control surface (mine was called Mackie Control 1)

In the next window  change protocol from Mackie Control Universal to HUI (Beta)

Close your windows and in a few secs your launchkey pads will change color and now the Launchkey manual is your friend for how to use it
Good luck!!!


I dont have a virgin install of so I cant tell yu inf the 'HUI' (Beta) option is available - it should be according to this thread : https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/4299-latest-mmcl-mackiecontroldll-available-with-hui-support/

There's a link to his mackie dll in there if it doesnt




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Try this - you might find Windows thinks it's a hard disk or USB storage device. Access the system tray, click on the usb connected devices and select the Novation mini key and eject it.

My son had this problem with his.

We haven't yet worked out how to stop Windows from thinking it's a hard disk so he just does the eject thing every time and it works fine.

Hope it helps


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