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John Bradley

Feature Request: PRV Note Names of frozen tracks

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It would be very nice indeed if the PRV would remember the Note Names for frozen tracks (while they're frozen) and display accordingly. (e.g. Diatonic for nearly everything, or drum names for a drum track). As it currently stands, whenever you freeze a synth and look at it's PRV the note names are numeric, which is less than useful.

You can temporarily override this by setting the Note Names back to Diatonic or whatever, but that doesn't stick between sessions.

It displays note names correctly if you Unfreeze the synth, so it's not like the freezing process permanantly loses that information.


Use case: I do covers, and always create drums, bass, percussion, and then the various synths, in that order. (All 'typed in', and done with VSTs.) Then I do the actual performed bits: guitar and vocals. In order to keep latency down during the tracking phase I freeze all the VSTs as I add them. But it's not uncommon that I want to look at what notes one of the frozen VSTs is playing when I'm adding one of the later parts.

Yeah, there's the dark gray and light gray shading of the note lanes in the PRV, but that just doesn't look like a piano to me -- I rely on the more-keyboardy-looking scale shown in the Diatonic mode, and especially on the note names displayed in the note-blobs.


Slightly related request: the PRV should acknowledge the current key and display in-key (at least) note names accordingly. As far as I can tell, it always displays that note between D4 and E4 as "Eb4", even if I'm in the key of F#. 


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