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Heavyocity Summer Sale is ON!

Simeon Amburgey

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18 hours ago, antler said:

The demos of Ascend sound pretty good. Anyone have experience of it, compared to other piano libraries?

Here are a couple of vids I did for Ascend. It is somewhere between NOIRE and Motion Keys. Being a Steinway gives you that different tonal color, and then there is Heavyocity’s spin on things which is very nice. 



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1 hour ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

Kind of a bummer they stop offering their bundles (where they discount the bundle based on what you already own) right when the sale starts.  They do seem very determined to not discount full Gravity enough for me to just buy it.

yes, I asked about the FORZO/NOVO/VENTO bundle upgrade since I have FORZO/NOVO, but they said no. 

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