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Fanatical Music Maker Bundle & Video Bundle


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Music Bundle -$10

Includes Magix Music Maker, Acid Pro 8, MP3 Deluxe and Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

Video Bundle - $30
Includes Magix Movie Studio 15, DVD Architect, Video Sound Cleaning Lab, and VR Studio

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I think the Soundforge audio studio and all their "studio" stuff is 16bit.

Correction: it has 32 bit 384khz capabilities, I think it is just their video "studio" stuff that has 16 bit audio. It's not a multitracker, mono or stereo only, I'll see what the main differences are between it and the pro version.

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I got Magix Music Maker as  Humble Bundle deal some time back. I would not recommend it to anyone, not even a hobbyist. 

The base package is quite barebone and it will prompt you to buy more sound packs to get things going. The interface too could do with an overhaul.

No idea about the Video Bundle though.

Edit: Current Movie Studio is at Version 17. The bundle here says version 15.

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18 hours ago, cclarry said:

It's Sound Forge Studio 12...not Pro...big difference..
But Acid Pro 8 is worth the $10 if only to have an upgrade
to the newest version later...

Unfortunately the upgrade never goes lower than $99.   Acid is the new Finale when it comes to new releases.  Acids previous version was 9.0.3 before 10 came out. Magix still has the dumbest business practices.

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