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Request: Log all operations to Edit > History


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Please log all operations to Edit > History.

Especially, Moved fader or knob (the changed value) in the console because this can be accidentally changed with mouse wheel and can't remember what you did how much... It would be nice if you can undo it with Ctrl + Z.

or... Add option to disable the value change with mouse wheel in the console view.

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4 hours ago, Kevin Perry said:

You can revert fader changes to the previous value (right click on fader in track view at least).

Good point! Yes, you can if you remember what you changed which track or knob. (It's even better if Ctrl + Z can revert it, btw) However, sometimes do not notice it for a while and can not remember it. (especially, when an accident is the cause) and then scream "What I did??? F#$%!!!". so I believe it helps if it's in the history.

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I am so heartily in agreement with this request.

At least for now, it would be helpful to know which operations are and are not undoable.

My vote is, if the change is enough to make the "unsaved" asterisk appear up on the title bar, it should be enough to Ctrl-Z out of.

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