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Assign output for multiple track at once by holding Ctrl key down...

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Say you want to route all tracks in a Track folder to a new bus. It goes like this:

* Select tracks.
* Hold Ctrl key down
* Open list of outputs
* Find the desired output
* Click it.
* Release the Ctrl key.

This works ONLY if you press the Ctrl key thru the all steps.

My feature request: It should be enough to hold the Ctrl key until the list of outputs is opened. If there are lots of outputs available (you may have dozens of hardware outputs, buses, patch points, AUX sends), it may take a while to find the right destination --- and you need to hold the Ctrl button down all the time.

Same applies to selecting inputs. For example, if you have a track folder dedicated for vocal tracks and you want to reassign input of 10 tracks to a new input channel, you have to hold the Ctrl key down during the whole selection process.

Please support this even if you don't have this many I/Os...

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