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Ample Guitar VC III


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Ample Guitar VC III (for Vintage Cherry) brings together 5.6 GB of sound samples from a Gibson SG Vintage 61 , the two humbucker microphones of which have been separately patted. You will find standard articulations, in particular sustains, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, palm mutes, different harmonic and legato techniques, etc.

The virtual instrument for Mac and Windows allows you to double the guitar, change the tuning, play automatically at the place of the most appropriate neck (Capo Logic technology house) and a Grainy function is used to improve the quality of the 'attack and brings a touch of humanization.

Finally, you will find a section of five classic amps ( Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier , Marshall JCM800 , Roland JC120 , Fender 65 Twin Reverb and Fender 57 Deluxe ), seven cabinets with eight microphone options and surround mics and hundreds of presets . The Riffer and Strummer are also present as well as the effects section containing an eight-band equalizer, a compressor, an echo and a convolution reverb with four types of impulse responses. Finally, a tablature reader is also included.

Ample Guitar VC III is a VST 2/3, AU and AAX plug-in for Mac and Windows, it is sold at the launch price of $ 111 instead of $ 149 until June 29 on www.amplesound.net . Note that during this same period, AGSH ( Gibson ES 335 ), AGTC ( Fender Telecaster ), AGPF ( PRS Custom 24 Artist ), AGSC ( Fender Stratocaster ) and AGLP ( Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue ) guitars are also on sale at the same time. tariff .



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Thank you cclarry !


Thank you so much Toby Ryan for your presentation of our new Ample Guitar Vintage Cherry and your preset ''Toby's Stellar Clean'' is one hell of an excellent tone \m/



Thank you VERY MUCH Manuel Senfft of https://tagirijus.de for your talent and time with our NEW Ample Guitar Vintage Cherry. You are showing us that our virtual instrument is an excellent companion when creating music. You rock \m/








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On 5/29/2020 at 7:50 PM, cclarry said:

Here's me in my first band, Rage, with my Cherry SG with Bigsby!
Sure wish I still had it!

Reminds me of back in the day as well, I didn't use an  SG, I had a Les Paul but I sure beat the hell out of that chord your playing, up and down the neck it went.

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5 hours ago, Zo said:

Yeah that s a lot of hair in one thread ....where s the hair police ? 

More serioulsy , is this really good ?

Only if you are aware very good about articulation nuances to provide it sounds like guitar with metal strings not plastic ones ;)

That guy : Tremendouz is caring about details and his work sounds pretty nice...


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