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Robert Bone

Bounce to Track results in big volume difference with original track not sure what I did

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I have a couple of projects with a number of DI guitar tracks that each have numerous clips in them, and I wanted to execute the Bounce to Track function, with all of the check boxes unchecked, so as to end up with just a single clip in each resulting bounced track, with only the original raw guitar signal, and then I would apply the same FX bin effects and settings used on each original track, to the corresponding bounced track.

SO, after completing all of the Bounce to Track operations, I found that each of the bounced tracks has a much higher volume shown on the peak meters for the corresponding original track.  Both tracks have Input Gain knobs at 0, and both tracks also have faders set to -5.1, and both tracks have effects turned off, so that I am comparing just the unaltered DI guitar signal.

The peak meters show about a 10 dB difference between corresponding tracks.

What would cause this?

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